Rob Garner.  0121 212 9332 / 07739010766  Email:           59 A Caroline Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B3 1UF  
The process There are several stages to the etching process, starting with choosing a design. The design can come from a piece of wall paper, a photograph, a design book, an original pattern on your piece of glass, your imagination, a logo etc. Once the design has been talked about it is drawn for you to scale by hand onto special paper. Once you the customer have looked at, and approved the drawing, it is placed on the glass, on top of vinyl. Each line is then cut out by hand using a stencil knife exposing all the areas that will be blasted. The glass is then put in the sandblaster and sprayed by hand. The sandblaster releases a special grade of sand that hits the glass, making it change from transparent to frosted. Depending on the depth of the etching will affect how long the glass will need to be blasted. As it is not an automated machine, rob can add different tones to the etching by altering the pressure. His work is like a painting rather than a one tone computer process. Prices are very reasonable because Rob works alone , which allows him to keep overhead costs to a minimum. Before commiting yourself you can ask for a free quote. It will be an estimate based on the information given. It helps if you give an idea of your budget which will allow both parties to know what is possible.
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